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Lookflydesk.com is functioning as the worthwhile platform offering flight tickets to the international destinations. It is mandatory to scourge through the Terms and Conditions before the Consumers/Visitors/Passengers book flight tickets.

These Terms and Conditions (otherwise known as “Agreement” or “Contract”) empowers the Consumers/Visitors/Passengers purchase travel services and make the travel arrangements as and when required.

Preconditions behind Browsing the Lookflydesk.com

The website warrants Consumers/Visitors/Passengers that they should:

  • Have Minimum 18 years;
  • Legally authority to enter into legal contract;
  • Use or Browse the website according to Terms and Conditions;
  • Utilize the Website Interface for carrying Legitimate Flight Bookings or Represent other Persons who have Legally Authorized them to make the flight ticket bookings on their behalf;
  • Adhere to the information and other protocols as described within the scope of the Terms and Conditions;


  • Lookflydesk.com willfully asserts that the information available on the website is authentic and updated to the last minute;
  • Any individual (User/Passenger/Consumer) who has an active account on Lookflydesk.com shall safeguard his/her personal information to ensure that such information does not get be stripped of by unscrupulous elements;
  • Lookflydesk.com has the whole and sole rights to limit/restrict the use of the website and/or services being offered it on different occasions and times;
  • It is mandatory for the User/Passenger/Consumer to show unsolicited adherence to Terms and Conditions and any of these participants do not make deviation from such terms.

Meanings and their Explanations within Purview of Terms and Conditions of Lookflydesk.com

The terms (as suggested by Pronouns “We“, “Us” and “Our,”) holds reference to Lookflydesk.com. The term “You” and “Your” has reference to Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer respectively, who visit the website.

The term “Booking/Reservation” refers to the travel products or services purchased by Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer on Lookflydesk.com. The acceptance of these services shall be recognized and acknowledged after receiving the payments in full by the management of Lookflydesk.com. The booking will be sent email by the confirmation either directly from us or by the Travel Supplier, who is directly or indirectly associated with us.

“Booking Agent” or “Travel Agent” herein refers to Lookflydesk.com, who will manage the operations of the website as well as the disbursal of air tickets. We as the Travel Agent and the Interface of Our Website shall act as an interface for transactions by the Travel Supplier.

The term “Customer” or “Client” holds reference to the person making the bookings, or all such individuals or the persons who are responsible for selecting travel services from Lookflydesk.com on behalf of other individual, and such person has agreed to the Terms and Conditions in toto.

“Service(s)” refers typically to the services offered by Lookflydesk.com, like booking of transport services.

Service Fee or the Convenience Fee, is the cumulative pricing charged by travelers or passengers or consumers for the services offered by “Travel Supplier(s)” or “Supplier(s)”. It is remindful that the airline and/or any other product and/or service provider offering travel arrangements.

The travelers or passengers or consumers assent to the agreements and aligned to observing the Terms and Conditions on the website.

Booking Made on Lookflydesk.com

Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer settles under the Terms and Conditions as well as the supernumerary Terms and Conditions relatable to the Travel Suppliers. The Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer shall adhere to written down norms of the Flight Booking and Travel Arrangements within the scope of agreement.

Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer assent that they will not expect the compensation amount exceeding purchase price of the flight ticket after subtracting the corresponding service fee. Furthermore, Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer agrees that in case of issues relating to flight booking, they will contact Lookflydesk.com.

Violation of Terms and Conditions

If there are any violations with respect to the Terms and Conditions of Lookflydesk.com, it may end in:

  • Cancelation of international flight ticket or reservation in general;
  • Penalty or penalization and forfeiture of the monies paid against the flight reservations;
  • Accessibility denied to the travel products and services;
  • Institution of obligatory rights for debiting money from the bank accounts in relation to violation of Terms and Conditions.

Furthermore, Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer shall warrant:

  • Appropriate age requirements for using the travel services for making travel arrangements on Lookflydesk.com;
  • Accurate information for flight booking;
  • Obligatory legalized for acting directly or on behalf of name of the persons given in the Flight Booking. Here it is mandatory and understood that all such additional persons on whose behalf the individual is acting, should have awareness as well as adherence to the Terms and Conditions;
  • The Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer also needs to be aware that ONLY THEY ARE WHOLELY AND SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for the monies transacted during the purchase of the flight tickets. They are also responsible for all types of travel related activities on Lookflydesk.com

Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer will use the interface of Lookflydesk.com for making the reservations and buying the flight tickets for which a convenience fee is charged. The convenience fee shall be worked out on the basis of the products booked. Convenience fee charged shall depend on the confirmation made against the booking.

Confirmation of Flight Booking

In case of the Flight Booking, Lookflydesk.com is obligated to issue the flight ticket based and provided that Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer has remitted the funds required for the flight ticket. Lookflydesk.com will look at the flight bookings and ensure that information and details have been appropriately entered in to the Airlines and Travel Supplier’s Flight System.

Changes and Cancelations of Flights

Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer may either cancel/alter/modify the designated travel product or the service and the method of undertaking such types of activities will have direct relationship to Airline’s fare rules as well as the Terms and Conditions of the respective Travel Suppliers.

Processing of the Refunds

The refunds are processed on the flights canceled by the Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer. We will charge the cancelation fee, which will depend on the Terms and Conditions of Suppliers apart from the Standard Fee as delineated at the time of receipt of confirmation of flight booking.

The refundable partition over and above the purchase of the Flight Ticket shall be refundable after Lookflydesk.com has received appropriate funds. The refund amount as refunded to us by the Supplier, we shall disburse the funds to the travelers.

Alterations in the Flight Schedules

There may be several reasons known or unknown wherein the time of the flight is altered between the date of the flight booking and the actual date on which the flight is scheduled. If the flight time is rescheduled we shall inform you of any such changes at the earliest.

Booking the Low Cost Flights with Lookflydesk.com

In the event where the Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer is booking Low Cost Carrier, the ticket agent at Lookflydesk.com shall shop and compare the results of Low Cost Air Carriers and they finally go for the purchase of the flight ticket, Lookflydesk.com shall process the flight booking.

It is remindful here that Low Cost Air Carriers will charge extra for services such as checked baggage, airport check-in, favored seating, in-flight entertainment (if available), food, drink and snacks etc.

Issuance of e-Tickets

All tickets listed on Lookflydesk.com are basically e-tickets, having the paper-less mode. The Passenger/Traveler booking the flight ticket on Lookflydesk.com shall get stored in the electronic format within the acceptable Airline Reservation System. In this regard, a booking confirmation email is forwarded to Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer, followed by separate e-Ticket.

Linking to 3 rd Party Websites

Lookflydesk.com has links to 3 rd party websites, and these websites are the means of providing you the convenience and information. Make sure you visit these websites following the precautions as these may contain viruses, worms, Trojan horses or malicious malware, which may cause technical disruptions. Lookflydesk.com will not have any responsibility of the information or data appearing on these 3 rd Party websites.


There are supernumerary terms and conditions available with regards to the booking of Flight Tickets. We adhere to all such Terms and Conditions with the clear intention to maintain the transparency between US as well as Traveler/User/Passenger/Consumer.

Book with Us, Fly with Us

Flying is an enriching experience that goes above everything and at LookFlyDesk we are a comprehensive interface offering travel arrangements, flight bookings and cancelations on easy terms. We work on state of the art technology that gels the international travel buyers and suppliers to create an amazing and ecstatic experience for the travelers across the globe.

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